Learn how to develop new powerful habits, shift your mindset, practice mindfulness, and engage in energy work in order to bring your life experiences into alignment!

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"Before the workshops I was angry and sad a lot, now I abide in peace and look for it despite my circumstances"

Shift Your Mindset About Life

"He has opened my eyes to so much. For so very long I thought I was deserving of how 'badly' I thought my life was, but I have learned that because of my thoughts I have shaped the way my life has turned out' "

Let Go of What Has Weighed You Down

"I learned how to let go of things that weigh me down and to not let things that I can't control cause me to suffer."

Personal Inquiry for Self Development

"When I got to question 14 it stopped me dead in my tracks. It prompted me to finish this statement: 'Thinking about my new found happiness, ease, and tranquility in my physical and mental-emotional wellbeing, I am so happy and appreciate now that...' "

Hello! I'm Aaron and Welcome to HIYERAlignment

I am a Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Practicioner, and Mindset Guru!

I am here to help you create a positive shift and transformation in your life by helping you to develop a new mindset that supports your ultimate wellbeing, create powerful habits that are in alignment with your vision of your best life, and learn how to achieve your goals!