All too often we give our time, attention, and energy to those who do not value what we have to offer. We then end up upset if we do not get in return what we gave. The best solution is to put yourself.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

- Cultivate a deeper, trusting, and loving relationship with yourself in 3 steps

- Identify your undiscovered interests, hobbies, and passions

- Create a Self-Care Routine

- Discover Your Life Goals

- Learn Mindfulness Meditation and Dreamwork for Self-Exploration

- Create an action plan to put everything together and make yourself a priority

The Companion workbook is a fillable PDF. You do not have to print the workbook. You can type directly into the fields and save your work. It contains journaling exercises, activities, as well as a self-care guide that will assist you in creating a sustainable and consistent self-care routine. 

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